Hiking and Biking

If you enjoy a walk on the wild side, you will appreciate the strategic location of Dawson Creek and the surrounding area to meet your outdoor and wilderness needs.

Please follow safe wilderness practices when out adventuring

  • Wildlife safety: know your surroundings and threats, and carry protection.
  • Trip planning: Plan your route, know the terrain and conditions, check the weather forecast, fill out a trip plan and leave it with a responsible person.
  • Training: Get the knowledge and skills before heading out, and know your limit and stay within it.
  • Take the essentials: Clothing, fire starter, shelter, extra food and water, navigations aids and signaling devices.

Bear Mountain Nordic TRails

Bear Mountain Nordic Trails are maintained by the Bear Mountain Nordic Ski Association (BMNSA). There are over 23 km of maintained trails for hiking, cross-country running, wildlife watching, mountain biking, and horseback riding in the summers, and skiing and snowshoeing in the winter.

Bear Mountain Nordic Trails Map

Radar Lake Community Forest

The Radar Lake Community Forest offers a piece of tranquility away from the urban setting. This area features interpretive trails with signs along the path where, with the brochure to assist you, you can learn about local flora and fauna while strolling through peaceful natural surroundings. 

Radar Lake Brochure

Rim Rocks Trail

Rim Rocks Trail is located within Bear Mountain Wind Park and offers the chance to take in stunning views amongst towering wind turbines. There are great views all around but it can get pretty windy. It’s an enjoyable walk for the whole family with not much elevation gain to worry about. You may even get to spot some cows on the drive to the trailhead!

Pouce Coupe River

Gundy Caves

Kiskatinaw river

Blackfoot Park