Heading out for that unforgettable fishing experience? Dawson Creek is
naturally your choice.

 Located in the foothills of Northeastern British Columbia, surrounded by many lakes, rivers and streams, Dawson Creek and the surrounding area is truly a four-season paradise. Spring, summer and fall provide visitors with great camping, hiking, biking, canoeing, hunting and fishing opportunities. Whether fishing from a lakeshore or a riverbank, you will appreciate the many choices available in the area to pursue “the big one”.

While fishing you will be exposed to some of the most pristine natural areas of the world; often treated to views of deer, moose, bears, elk, bald eagles and other wildlife. When you visit anytime between June and August, you will experience the endless hours of summer daylight.

During the winter months, take advantage of the crisp air and snow blanketed landscape that is enjoyed by skiers, snowmobilers and ice-fishermen.

While visiting the northern regions, it is possible that you may experience the thrill of of seeing the sky come alive with vibrant displays of Northern Lights!

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Locations Bull Trout/
Dolly Varden
Burbot Brook Trout Grayling Goldeye Lake Trout Perch Northern Pike Rainbow
Walleye Whitefish
1 CHARLIE LAKE              
3 FLATBED CREEK            
4 FOOT (BOOT) LAKE                  
5 GWILLIM LAKE          
6 HEART LAKE                  
7 MOBERLY LAKE        
8 MOONSHINE LAKE                  
9 MOOSE LAKE                  
10 MURRAY RIVER              
11 ONE ISLAND LAKE                  
12 PEACE RIVER      
13 PINE RIVER            
14 >STEWART LAKE                  
15 STONEY LAKE                  
16 SUKUNKA RIVER              
17 SUNDANCE LAKES                  
18 SWAN LAKE              
19 WILLISTON LAKE (Reservoir)          
20 WOLVERINE RIVER              

BC Fishing regulations for specific details on fishing and
regulations in Dawson Creek and the area can be found on the BC Government Website.

All anglers should take caution when fishing. Some of the roads are used as
forestry roads as well some of the rivers and lakes can be dangerous and
therefore always use caution.